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Classical and Electric Violin, Improvisation,

and Music Entrepreneurship Clinics

Amelia Riley Thornton’s clinics can be tailored to all age groups, from beginner middle school orchestras to advanced solo performers and established music instructors.  Amelia is a firm believer that improvisation and self-expression should be made easily accessible and considered a mandatory educational topic for any string player with a solid foundation of basic violin technique.  Her presentations are fun, lively, hands-on, and fear of making a mistake is left at the door.  Electric violin is the ideal outlet for collaboration and in her lessons Amelia emphasizes the concept of collaboration over competition. 


One-on-one lessons focus on Amelia’s philosophy that passion for music should be nurtured regardless of current level.  Beginners and advanced students alike focus on becoming well-rounded musicians and active members of their community through the development of music business skills, entrepreneurial concepts, musician’s health (mental and physical), classical technique, understanding and application of theory and harmony, historical context, and development of a dependable practice plan.  Students can explore genres from classical to jazz, rock, folk, and traditional fiddle styles.  

Electric Violin Clinic:

Demonstration Discussion

with Hands-On elements


1-2 hours per clinic.  Clinics over 2 hours involve more student performance and exploration time, and ensemble coaching.  

  • Discover how amplified violin can broaden your genre horizons

  • Amplifiers for the Yamaha Electric YEV-105

  • Discuss tone and sound effects – Pick 3 Pedals!  Which pedals are the must have effects for a beginning electric violinist?

  • Looping and its role in aiding Improvisation practice and Composition

  • Electric Violin bag-of-tricks: bowing techniques, left hand embellishments, percussion and comping, back-up fiddle roles

  • Solo and Band Etiquette

  • Performance Practice: how to sell your sound and image to an audience?  Authenticity and Confidence

  • Audience Participation:  Ask for a few Volunteers to get up and try a few effects and lead them in an improvisation exercise

  • “How can Electric Strings benefit my music program?”:  For public school music teachers.  Strings in the Jazz Band, Electric String Quartet 

Music Business Workshop

for High School and College Students


1-2 hours per clinic. 

  • “I play a string instrument really well, now what?”

  • Booking your first gig: 

         1. Booking  2. Develop a Set  3. Promote 

        4. Perform  5. Follow Up

  • Social Media and the Modern Musician:  Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

  • The Business Card and the Website

  • Diversify your band opportunities through the Yamaha Electric Violin

  • Collaboration versus Competition:  how to support your musical community as a performer, audience, and citizen

Classical Strings 

for High School and College Students


1-2 hours per clinic.  Private Lesson, Group Class, or ensemble coaching.  District and State Music Festival Adjudication available.

  • Healthy practice habits

  • Music Theory: Scales, Arpeggios, and Intervals

  • Left hand and Bow hand technique

  • Communication in an ensemble

  • Shifting

  • Stage presence tips

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