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In-Person Lessons:

  • Students and instructors are required to wear masks and use hand sanitizer upon entry.

  • If a student or any member of their household has been exposed or shows any kind of symptoms of any kind of illness, lessons will be done on Zoom for up to 2 weeks before returning to in-person. 

  • If an instructor has been exposed or shows any symptoms of illness, lessons will be done on Zoom for at least 2 weeks.

Zoom Lessons:

  • Please situate yourself so your teacher can see your posture and hands while you perform.

  • Have the audio settings set so your microphone is loud enough and the "original sound" button is clicked.  

  • Your teacher will send the Zoom link right before your lesson to the email you prefer.

  • Skipping your scheduled Zoom lesson time counts as an unexcused absence.  Please call your teacher if you are having technical difficulties.



Lessons will consist of warm-ups and scales, etudes and workbook exercises, solo repertoire, chamber music repertoire, and audition materials for competitions, auditions, and camps. At their discretion, the teacher may assist students with orchestral parts but will only allocate a maximum of 10 minutes for this on occasion. We want students to grow as well-rounded musicians and develop an understanding of many musical styles and learn to be soloists!



Students are required to attend lessons for the full semester period.  This includes 16 lessons in fall, and 17 lessons in spring. Students will be present for all scheduled lessons and encouraged to participate in studio recitals throughout the year. Some may be encouraged to take part in additional music festivals or competitions. Students are expected to arrive at lessons on time with all required materials and music.


Students are required to budget an appropriate amount of practice time to their lesson material each week as determined by their teacher.  The standard expectation is 20-60 minutes daily x 4 days per week. Failure to meet this practice requirement may result in the termination of a student’s enrollment. 


Each term our teachers will complete an assessment each semester of the student's progress and musicianship. Parents and Students will also be given a short teacher evaluation to help us improve our studios and teaching methods.


Teachers reserve the right to cease lessons with a student if they have more than two unexcused absences, more than three excused absences, or more than three blatantly unprepared lessons (as determined by the teacher). Lessons may also be terminated if tuition has not been paid on time for more than one month.  No refunds will be made for the remainder of the month in which the lessons are terminated.


At the beginning of each term, our teachers will work with you to schedule a consistent weekly time slot for your lesson.  If you need to change days or times at some point throughout the term, we make no guarantee that this can be accommodated.  However, we will attempt to switch lesson times with another student if they are able and willing to do so. 

PIANO AT HOME (Piano Students Only):

Having an acoustic piano in the home is much preferred to electric keyboards. Students are expected to have access to a functioning, tuned piano at home, but if that’s not possible, an adjustable weighted-action keyboard will suffice for the first 6 months. After that, investing in a piano should be seriously considered.


After a certain level of proficiency is reached it is impossible for students to progress if they are not practicing on a quality instrument.  Purchasing a quality violin can often be confusing, as price does not always mean it is of a certain standard. I generally recommend between $900-$1,500 for a starter full size violin. We do NOT recommend purchasing an instrument from ebay or craigslist without your teacher's assistance.  It is in the best interest of your investment to purchase through an established string luthier shop.

Strings should be purchased at the beginning of each school year, and for advanced players it is recommended to change strings twice a year.  Bow hairs should be replaced about once or twice every year.  Please visit our Repairs page to see recommended luthiers.


Artwork Music Studio, LLC reserves the right to increase rates annually. Rates quoted at registration will be honored for the duration of that school year.

Studio tuition includes weekly lessons, access to the monthly group studio class, and three public/online performance opportunities throughout each school year.  Piano Accompaniment, Chamber Music Coaching, and other Electives are billed separately as they are offered throughout the year by appointment.  Tuition is always billed at the same rate regardless of the number of lessons per month.  Tuition is due by the 7th of each month.

Tuition does not include the cost of music books and other materials.  Please  purchase or rent  required books and materials. On occasion, the teacher may also purchase a book or provide materials and ask the parent/student for reimbursement. There will be no refunds for missed lessons as the teachers offer monthly group studio classes to make up absences. Artwork Music Studio and its teachers reserve the right to raise fees at the beginning of each new teaching year.


Parents are welcome to be present and to quietly observe their child’s lesson if they are so inclined. Teachers may kindly ask a parent to wait outside the room if their presence changes the learning environment too much. Parents are encouraged to assist in practice and preparation at home!


Business hours are between 10am and 8pm Monday through Thursday.  Calls, texts, or emails will be answered within 24 hours except on weekends and holidays. 



If a student is sick, has a sports/activity schedule conflict, planned family vacation, or a family emergency arises they can make up a missed lesson by attending a group studio class. Our teachers do not offer more than one of these classes per month, so attending this lesson will be counted as make-up for all the month’s absences.   Teachers request 24 hours notice when possible and reserve the right to send a child home if they appear too sick to attend lessons. Students also may utilize the option to take a lesson via Zoom at their regular lesson time if they don't wish to miss their lesson.


Teacher has no obligation to offer a make-up lesson or refund.

  • No-shows 

  • Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice for anything other than emergency or illness.



If a student must miss lessons for a long period of time due to injury, monthly tuition payments may be put on hold until the student can return, or we can continue lessons and work on non-instrument topics like Music Theory, Music History, Sight Singing, Songwriting, Jazz Theory, Piano Basics and more!  If student is on a semester payment plan, a prorated credit or refund will be issued to the family.


Our teachers reserve the right to cancel lessons due to illness or professional obligations. There is one week (M,T,W,Th) of Teacher Sick Days that are floating for the teacher to activate if needed.  This sick week is factored into the schedule and students are not billed for it in their Tuition.  If the Teacher uses any of their sick days they will teach cancelled students on May 30th - June 5th. If these days have been used up and the Teacher cancels again, they will be obligated to offer a rescheduled private lesson time at the students' soonest availability.



Artwork Music Studio bases its school cancellations on the Missoula County and Stevensville public school system; therefore, if schools close for a snow day or if the weather prevents the Teachers to travel in to Missoula, Artwork Music Studio will also close to in-person lessons and conduct lessons that day on Zoom.  Students may keep their regular time for their Zoom lesson or if they choose to cancel (ski day!) they may attend a future group studio class. 


Teachers reserve the right to cease lessons with a student if they have more than one unexcused absence, more than three excused absences, or more than four blatantly unprepared lessons. Lessons may also be terminated if tuition has not been paid.  We ask for 2 weeks notice for students to declare that they wish to permanently cancel lessons.  If a student on the monthly tuition payment plan wishes to end lessons, no refund will be given for the remainder of the month, and lessons will terminate on the 1st of the new month.  If a student on the semester payment plan wishes to end lessons, no refund will be given for the remainder of the month but they will be issued a prorated refund for the remaining months starting from the 1st of the new month.

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