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Artwork Strings Group with teachers 2019

Student Projects

The string and piano students of Artwork Music Studio are all so multi-talented!  They strive to improve their skills and are dedicated students, but are unafraid to break the mold and express themselves.  Our philosophy is to create a learning environment that nurtures creativity and enables action, goal-setting, and self-confidence.  The creations that have sprung from these young minds are inspiring.


This is a space to share some of our students' art, music, writing, hobbies, sports, volunteer-work and businesses.  Music is the connection between all things and so we celebrate our students' many passions.

Abe - Pianist

Ellery - Singer/Songwriter

Liam - Electronic Music

Listen and Download Liam's singles on iTunes:  CLICK HERE

Dillon Walker - Author/Poet

You can buy Dillon Walker's novel and poetry book here:

Friends, Family & Other Tragedies

Dreams from Tea and Coffee

Bergen & Michaela - Violin Duet

Aidan - Classical Composer

Follow Aidan's composition and performance Instagram


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