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Student Absences:

  • If a student misses one or more lessons in a month, they must RSVP for a date below. There are 2 Studio Make-Up Classes offered per Semester.

  • Attending this studio class will be counted as a make-up for ALL outstanding absences. 

  • Students are welcome to attend as many classes as they wish, even if they don't need a make-up.

Teacher Cancellation: 

  • If your teacher is sick but able to teach, they will hold all lessons on Zoom/Google Meets/Facetime at your regular lesson time. Students will receive a meeting link at the start of their lesson time.

  • If your teacher cancels your lesson for any reason, there are two weeks (T,W,Th) of Teacher Cancellation days that are floating for the teacher to use if needed.  These two weeks are factored into the schedule and tuition. If used, the teacher will schedule up to two additional weeks of lessons at the end of the studio school year. Our official last lesson date is Thursday May 9th. If your teacher cancels one week, then the last lesson date will be May 16th. If your teacher cancels two weeks, then the last lesson date will be May 23rd.

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